IP-Surveillance Offer Cost –efficient and future-proof solution for security and remote monitoring applications. Connecting directly to the network, Axis IP-Surveillance products can distribute high-quality video over any IP network, whether local or the internet wired or wireless. Easy to install and use, they enable you to have a professional video surveillance application up and running in minutes. The system can be as open or as closed and secure as needed.

If you have a traditional analog CCTV system, Worldwide Net can quickly and cost-effectively upgrade your system to work via the network, giving you access to the best technology available without forcing you to throw out your existing investment in security.

Our system is quite different from the traditional CCTV system or CCTV system anchored on DVR. Installers using the old analog stuff, VCRs and even DVRs, are at a major disadvantage because of the limitation of remote viewing and integration possibilities. Getting into IP approach is an easy task for us , because we have worked for over 5 years with network implementations and really understand the IT technology.

If a customer has multiple locations, it doesn’t matter to us where they are – our job is to connect them together. We’re network guys and we know how to move data, wired or wireless, whether the data is video images or otherwise.

The IP Surveillance system has future proof technology because it is digital. The possibilities are endless

We install various network cameras for residential area, corporate offices, construction site, flow stations and for other oil companies sites.